BBQ & Grilling Tips

Hello All:

I'm woefully behind on my posts, so let's get things re-started with a note about GRILLING! I love it.

First, the difference between grilling and barbecue. Grilling is what you do to steaks and burgers. "Barbecue" incorporates "low and slow", and usually takes at least a few to several hours. with heat around 225 to 250 degrees F.

- Always start with room temperature meat.

- If you're grilling steaks, you know you've got the correct temperature if you can only hold your hand 6" away from the grill for 6 seconds.

- Chicken: use lower heat than you would for steaks, and move the coals to one side of the grill. Use "direct heat" to get the outside of the chicken to "look" the way you want it. ALWAYS turn the meat, nobody likes burnt chicken.

Once the chicken looks good, move it to the "indirect heat" area of the grill, throw in some foil-encased wood ships if you like and cover. Now if you can make sure the temperature is whatever temperature you cook at when you use an oven, employ the exact same technique. Remember, there is no difference between grilling chicken like this and using an oven; it's all about temperature and time. That's it!

If you're cooking a whole bird, wiggle a leg when you think it's getting done and if it starts to come apart, you're in good shape. Now, if you used too much heat the meat may have "ceased up" and though it's done the leg won't wiggle much. Best bet for chicken and pork if you're ever in doubt, use an instant-read thermometer.

Dig in!