The reason that caused me to act

After enrolling in College, I realized the curriculum constrained my natural curiosity and I found it hard to follow my heart. So I left school and began tending bar to support myself and place myself in a position where I could be inspired by a moment when I would think, "wouldn't it be cool if someone....” That moment came when I was bartending one day and had the epiphany that would ultimately become Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning. I recognized the need for a premium-quality, handmade-style Bloody Mary mix that could be distributed nationally and perhaps internationally. I also knew that I would get the education I didn't get in college, in a way that was perfectly aligned with how I like to learn - hands on! 20 years later with valued accounts in all 50 states, my education continues as I incorporate what I’ve learned into my company, Gourmet Mixes Inc., and our main product, Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings.”
Next installment: "How did you stay inspired for the last 20 years?"