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Tipping - How to do it, how to receive it!

When you give someone a tip, do you like to hear "thank you"?

Have you ever had someone stuff your change into a tip jar without you telling them to "keep the change"?

For me, the answer to both questions is "YES!" Often times servers will say thanks for my product purchase for which they didn't (directly) receive a penny, but when I give them money directly in the form of a tip, the money gets scooped into the jar like they were clearing plates.

I'm sorry, I don't like people kissing my wallet, but I do want some recognition for the fact I just gave them money. The next thing that goes through my mind is, "well, if you don't appreciate the tip, maybe next time you won't miss it if I don't give you one."

Am I just old fashioned? Is "thank you" outdated?

Speaking of manners, this reminds me of a "please" story; When I was working at a nightclub, a drummer stepped up to the bar and said "hey man, gimmee a Coke". What do you think he would have said if I told him "hey man, gimmee a drum roll" (probably a two word response). I digress...

What do you think?