Demitri's 2009 Fall Recipe Challenge

Ever dream of being semi famous? Well, here is your chance to get your 16 minutes of fame as a semicelebrity and have your recipe posted on Demitri’s printed recipe cards distributed World Wide.

Best Hot Shop Ever!

My Friends, this has got to be one of the best stops off of I-5 you could ever make. Quite possibly the finest butcher shop in Western Washington, coupled with the most extensive collection of THOUSANDS of hot sauces I've ever seen. Local, imported, hot, sweet, smoked, BBQ, dips, picante, wing dressings, drink mixers, chile powders and more, not to mention all 3 flavors of Demitri's!

Grillin' For My Crew

It's Company Lunch Day today, and I'm grilling up some marinated chicken for Kelly & Moises. I had an extra grill at home so I brought it to work so we can grill all summer long right outside our warehouse. Our parking lot party isn't glamorous, but what comes off the grill certainly IS!
Wish you were here!!!

Pour Like You Mean It

Pour Precisely

New Home

Welcome to the new home of and a look around and let me know what you think!




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