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Bloody Mary Mixes for Bars & Restaurants


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Serve up the best Bloody Mary’s in town!

Meet your new secret weapon: Demitri’s Bloody Mary Mixes. For bars, nightclubs and restaurants, there’s nothing more important than consistent quality and unreal flavor. Harness the power of Demetri’s fourteen spice blend and deliver handmade quality taste without all the variables.

At Demetri’s, Bloody Mary’s are our passion. Each bottle contain years of knowledge and experimentation, combined to produce what some have called the world’s greatest drink. Now, we’re on a mission to spread the joy found at the bottom of a glass of vodka and tomato juice.

We’ve bottled the flavor our signature drink and brought it to you in four blends: Classic, Extra Horseradish, Chilies & Peppers and Chipotle- Habanero. For bars, Demitiri’s Bloody Mary Mixes take out the guesswork; just add a shot and a splash of tomato juice for a drink that’s the stuff of legends.

All our products are 100% natural and contain absolutely NO high fructose corn syrup, sulfites, MSG or anything artificial and unpronounceable. Demetri’s Bloody Mary Mixes for bars are made with the highest quality ingredients, no premix can hold a candle to Demitri’s out-of-this-world flavor. Plus, switching to Demitri’s can save you up to 50% over a premix. Check out our cost calculator to see for yourself!

For bartenders, whipping up a Demitri’s Bloody Mary couldn’t get much easier:

  • Take our 1-quart Store N’Pour Container
  • Add Demitri’s to the container’s ridge
  • Fill the container with tomato juice and give it a shake!

Buy wholesale, and you’ll get one of our unique Store N’Pour containers at no charge with your first order of one case or more.

We offer three different sizes to fit your bar’s needs. For the greatest savings, our 64-ounce jugs offer the ultimate economy, or our 16-ounce bottles have a squirt-top for perfect control. If you’re serving up something a little smaller, check out our 2-ounce portion-pouches for Bloody Mary’s by the quart.

Give us a call at 1-800-MARY MIX (1-800-627-9649) or contact your distributor for information on pricing and availability.