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Here's a sampling of a few of my favorite websites. It’s only a sampling, I’ll be adding more over time. Happy surfing! ~ Demitri

History of the Bloody Marys

Yes, Marys plural because there are actually conflicting stories on Mary's history. I could give you my interpretation, but why re-invent the wheel when Wikipedia did such a great job? There are some great recipes on their site as well! Check it out: Click Here!


Bloody Marys






Booze Media



Foodie Stuff


Smoke, Smoke & Smoke (BBQ, Cigars & Chili Peppers)





Chili Peppers



Local (Seattle) Players - (...all of course with the best Bloody Marys in the world!)
One of my most favorite local spots
Ok, I don't have just "one" favorite... This one's my neighborhood watering hole! Great BBQ, and the Bloody Marys are awesome! - My favorite web page ever. One page.

D's Personal Favorites:
- Need a ride home after an evening of partying but don't want to leave your car on the street and then have to come back the next day to retrieve it? THIS is your answer. CarGozz drives you home in your own car, then drops you and your car off at your doorstep! How cool is that? - THE best radio station in the world! 100% "Listener Powered!" and streaming live, 24/7/365
Happy Hours near YOU!
MORE Happy Hours near YOU!  Glug Glug!!!
  Not much more to say, these guys know how to have fun and sell loads of BaconSalt!
/ Being Greek, everyone asks me, "what's the best Greek restaurant in town?" My jaded answer is always "My mom's house". But when I'm in San Francisco, I ALWAYS stop at Kokkari for the damned best Greek food and awesome atmosphere. I recently made my fourth trip to Kokkari.
/ Karting...a great way to spend the afternoon!
/ If you need flowers in Seattle, there is only ONE place to go!
/ For the NW biker (the foot powered kind)
- Because everyone needs to tailgage now and again. Look for the Demitri's tent for free schwag!
- Paddleoff 2010 Propaganda movie
Julia's Handiwork
My buddy Mark's site
/ My friend Nile
~ My friend Miloš
- My good ol' friend Paul - friend and co-worker Kate from Jake O'Shaughnessey's