Oaxacan Holy Mole' Mary


1.5 oz Deep Eddy Base Vodka
5 oz Organic Vegetable Juice
1 teaspoon organic oaxacan red mole
½ teaspoons of organic coffee
3 dashes of hot sauce
1 small lime juiced with pulp
2 teaspoons Demitri’s Classic Seasoning
6 cilantro leaves fines chopped

Looks killer in an empty Mexican prayer candle, use one of the Virgin Mary for the "Virgin Mary" version!

Rim the glass with kosher salt flakes, dried lime zest, lemon pepper and sesame seeds.

Garnish with a butterflied prawn seasoned with lime and lemon juices and stuffed with cilantro and mama’s little pepper, add a bacon swizzle marinated with Demitri’s Chiles & Pepper Seasoning, finish with a slice of lime.