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Demitri's in Wall Street Journal

Pair these mixes with something other than plain old vodka (see our suggestions) and you'll have yourself a new weekend tradition—hangover optional.

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Thanksgiving Recipes

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Very Quick, Very Easy and VERY Tasty!

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Spicy Red Beer

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Some call them Bloody Red Beers, or Spicy Red Beers, but the refreshment is the same. Most any beer works well - Pilsner, Porter, Lagers. Beer's 'texture' lends itself really well to the richness of Bloody Mary mix and the cold refreshing combination of carbonation and spice party well together.


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Tipping - How to do it, how to receive it!

When you give someone a tip, do you like to hear "thank you"?

Have you ever had someone stuff your change into a tip jar without you telling them to "keep the change"?

BBQ & Grilling Tips

Hello All:

I'm woefully behind on my posts, so let's get things re-started with a note about GRILLING! I love it.

Recipe Contest Results

Thanks for the plug, Martha!

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Martha Stewart Plugs Demitri's Bloody Mary Mixes!

What Demitri loves most about his business

Of all the fun things I have done for my business, I have the most fun making cold calls. Believe it or not. And I mean real cold calls. The kind where I have a container already mixed with my Seasonings and tomato juice, samples, literature and business cards and I walk into a bar unannounced.

What has kept you inspired on a daily basis for the last 20 years?

I want to see my ideas “walk and talk” on their own. It has been exciting to see the transition from when we started “pushing” Demitri’s into the market, to when the market started to “pull” us in. I also have always loved trying new things and seeing my name on new products.

The reason that caused me to act

After enrolling in College, I realized the curriculum constrained my natural curiosity and I found it hard to follow my heart.